Learning and Thinking in the 21st Century

Some very stimulating infographics appearing on Pinterest aimed at teachers. This one highlights some of the assumed skills young people will need in the 21st Century. Many of these are not new, eg “find information” but the emphasis is switching to collaborative approaches, to learning as a social activity, where engagement is vital. The importance of validating and evaluating information is ever more significant as pupils learn that all sources of knowledge have their limits and bias. Discernment and judgement are essential when using the internet as a research tool.

This infographic was created by Canadian educator Med Kharbach, and you can find out more on the website Educational Technology and Mobile Learning . See here for other posters from this site. Also check out some good references on Med’s Google Plus page. One that caught my attention was Danah Boyd’s  ‘”It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens

As always, learning needs to be placed in a wider social context, and Boyd uses extensive research among American adolescents to show how young people create their own rules for negotiating the complex social network life that they inhabit.

Learning and Thinking in 21st Century

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