Sketching and Visualisation


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My S1 pupils have experimented with using the “Rule of Thirds” *(see earlier post). They were asked to subdivide their pages and each take responsibility for the different sections. In my most recent Flicr posting I’ve put five posters by one S1 class. They were asked to sum up key points in the S1 curriculum.

wikiHow-online collaborative manual

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Have found an excellent site called wikiHow. Embracing the wiki concept of creative commons, this site is an online DIY manual that anyone can contribute to and edit.. It has approximately 39 000 articles. These range from practical tips like maintaining your bicycle gears to more abstract issues like learning styles. Indeed there is a whole section on memorisation, which I am going to pilot with my S1 c.lasses over the next two weeks.

Field Sketching and Visual Communication

The rule of thirds

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Today in First Year we talked a little about field sketching. You have been asked to try a sketch of the farm landscape on page 96. There is a “worked example” on pages 95-96 of your textbook, but you might also be interested in what this guy has to say about sketching. When you prepare your field sketch of the farm think about the layout of your sketch-here, the example given suggests that you divide in into thirds, effectively giving you nine squares to work within.
For more on Visual Communication, visit the excellent website, Communication Nation.